As some of you have doubtless noticed, I haven’t posted in a while. Over the past 2 years I came to the sad realisation that I had become far too removed from the world of video games to talk about them with the level of insight that I deem satisfactory for publication. It transpires that given the pressures of my life and my other goals I just do not play games or read about them enough to generate a steady stream of topics for me to populate a blog with.

Consequently, I have decided to shift the focus of the blog to my wider interests. It will ultimately be more general, however, the lens through which I view things will likely remain grounded in business strategy and finance (it’s all i know!). Currently my interests are primarily Grime music, startups, touch rugby and bouldering – and given that the latter 2 aren’t really suited to business analysis I will likely be blogging about the first 2 going forward. I have some pretty interesting ideas about Grime in particular which I would love to unpack.

I am also taking the opportunity to launch a new project. As it stands I have extensive experience in the world of finance, fundraising and strategy. I spent 3 years working as and Investment Banker and have spent the last year working in Business Strategy for a high growth startup. These are skills I believe are of great use to early stage founders who may not have the knowhow to put together a model, or a pitch deck or even evaluate their business plan in a rigorous / objective way. Therefore I am launching Neek Capital – a service primarily aimed at UK Black Founders in the early stage (seed or pre-seed for now). I am undertaking to provide my services / advice for free to 1 founder/company a month to help in the areas of strategy and finance (note NOT accounting).

Note the frequency may change once we start I will get a better idea of how much work it is

How it works:

  • Every month I will open applications to the general public and receive applications for help the can send the application via email to
  • Applications will contain
    1. Business description: Including if relevant
      1. Name
      2. Number of founders
      3. Funding raised
      4. Product / market description
      5. Thesis – Why you think the business will work
    2. Description of the type of help requested
      1. Specific requests are good
      2. Please keep these within the areas of Strategy and Finance examples include:
        1. Help putting together business plan
        2. Help making an early financial model
        3. Help determining the size of the market
        4. Help looking into go to market strategy
        5. Help making materials for a fundraise
        6. Help choosing which investors to reach out to
  • I will decide which founder I am helping and communicate with the other founders who I unfortunately won’t be working with that month
  • One month later I will re-open applications
  • Please note that all help will be provided in partnership with the business founder
    • At the end of the day it is your business and I will need your input over the course of the month to make something useful and tailor it your needs

What’s in it for me:

  • I am generally interested in startups
  • It is great for my CV – if I ultimately want to move into venture capital
  • I may ultimately turn it into a business
  • It helps to create generational wealth and ownership in the black community

I’m very excited to start this new chapter and would like to announce that applications are open today. So please send you applications to in accordance with the details above.





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